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Zimtu Capital research slides on the global uranium market and exploration in Canada’s Athabasca Basin

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Presentation slides from Derek Hamill, Research and Communications for Zimtu Capital Corp, on the prospects for Canadian uranium exploration and the Athabasca Basin can be accessed by clicking on the thumbnail below. The original presentation during the Cambridge House Vancouver Resource Investment Conference 2014, was followed by presentations for three different uranium exploration companies including Lakeland Resources Inc (TSX-V: LK). Zimtu maintains an equity position in Lakeland.
Canadian Uranium Exploration & The Athabasca Basin

Uranium in the Media Spotlight

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Lakeland Resources Inc (TSXv: LK), a core holding of Zimtu Capital Corp (TSXv: ZC), was mentioned in a radio interview with Jeb Handwerger by Palisade Capital. Click on the thumbnail below to listen.

Jeb Handwerger, Uranium

Uranium Exploration & Zimtu Capital Corp.

Monday, July 29th, 2013

The potential growth for the uranium industry to help meet global future electricity demand is vast. Worldwide, electricity generation increased an astounding 126% between 1985 and 2012. Both the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and International Energy Agency (IEA) project strong global electricity demand through 2030. Nuclear will play an ever increasing role in meeting global energy demand growth as continued economic development, population growth, and mass urbanization persist in emerging economies.

Source: World Nuclear Association (WNA)

Source: World Nuclear Association (WNA)

The World Nuclear Association is projecting a 30% growth in the number of reactors by 2020, primarily driven by China, Russia, India, and the United States.

Source: WNA

Source: WNA

Uranium is primarily used as fuel for nuclear reactors; and though uranium is a fairly common mineral, finding a resource of sufficient economic quantity is difficult. It follows that a global increase in the number of reactors should spur interest in exploring for new uranium discoveries. Fortunately, Canada lucked out in the uranium geological sweepstakes. The Athabasca Basin in Saskatchewan is home to the world’s largest and richest high-grade uranium deposits, making the region attractive for mining companies as illustrated by Rio Tinto’s purchase of Hathor for $654 million last year. The most recent high-grade uranium discovery in the Basin by Alpha Minerals Inc (TSXv: AMW) and Fission Uranium Corp (TSXv: FCU) with their Patterson Lake South Joint Venture will ensure continued exploration interest in the area.

Zimtu Capital Corp.’s exposure to LakeLand Logo 176 uranium exploration is through its equity ownership in Lakeland Resources Inc. (TSXv: LK) and NexGen Energy Ltd. (TSXv: NXE)

Lakeland has maintained a deliberate and disciplined approach through building the right technical team to acquiring properties with select criteria. To date, Lakeland has amassed a significant presence with land claims totaling over 100,000 hectares with relatively shallow depths to identified basement-hosted conductors. Many of these properties have undergone initial exploration by previous operators indicating existing mineralization for Lakeland to target. The north and east areas of the Basin also have extensive infrastructure in-place.

Lakeland Property Claims

The technical team being assembled by Lakeland is competent and comes with both experience and previous success in the Basin. Dahrouge Geological Consulting Ltd. will be driving the Company’s technical operations. Jody Dahrouge is a former director of Fission Energy with over two decades of experience in the Basin. As a professional geologist, Jody and his geological team played an important part in both the Waterbury Lake and Patterson Lake discoveries.

Lakeland’s advisory board also includes a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. Recent additions of seasoned veterans Richard Kusmirski and Thomas Drolet will be a source of strength. Rick has over four decades of exploration experience, including serving as the Exploration Manager for Cameco (TSX: CCO). Later, Rick became President & CEO of JNR Resources, which was acquired by Denison Mines (TSX: DML). While, Thomas Drolet has been a utilities industry insider for over four decades including as the head of the Canadian Fusion Fuels Technology Project. Rick’s experience and network within the uranium production industry and Thomas’ understanding of the Canadian utilities space will give Lakeland valuable insight and connections.

The scene is being set for uranium to finally compete center stage with traditional fossil fuels to power electricity grids. The involvement of skilled personal in Lakeland’s uranium exploration efforts should be a valuable asset. Zimtu owns 4.396 million shares of Lakeland. Zimtu will continue to monitor the exploration activities in the Athabasca Basin as they relate to its equity holdings.

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