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Zimtu Research by Derek Hamill: Update on TSX Venture Exchange and the Role of Project Generators

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Zimtu Capital Corp. head of research Derek Hamill, MFA MPA recently released an 8 page update report examining the performance and outlook for the TSX Venture, and the role of project generators in the low probability exploration industry.

The report provides a review of Canadian mining and oil & gas sectors, projections for the TSX-V composite index, and explains the value of project generators. The group includes:

  • Altuis Minerals (TSX: ALS)
  • Virginia Mines (TSX: VGQ)
  • Reservoir Minerals (TSXv: RMC)
  • Almaden Minerals (TSX: AMM)
  • Eurasian Minerals (TSXv: EMX)
  • Strategic Metals (TSXv: SMD)
  • Riverside Resources (TSXv: RRI)
  • Avrupa Minerals (TSXv: AVU)
  • 49 North Resources (TSXv: FNR)
  • Zimtu Capital (TSXv: ZC)

The report is linked below:

Zimtu-TSX-V-2-1 blog

Download the 8-page research and opinion report.

We look forward to additional research and reports from Mr. Hamill on a variety of commodities and subjects.


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